Wuddle Wuddle

Editor’s note: It’s the holiday season and I needed to lighten the mood. So seeing as my stories generally involve crooks, ne’er do wells, bad people or bad things happening to good people, I decided to share this bedtime story I wrote for my newest niece. A little break from the usual…

Wuddle wuddle, I want a cuddle
cried Little Lenny to the frog in the puddle

Little Lenny, I am befuddled
what’s so bad that you need a cuddle?
Are you in some kind of trouble
asked the frog from deep in his puddle

Wuddle wuddle, I NEED a cuddle
demands Little Lenny as her face starts to ruddle.

So concerned was the frog down in the puddle
he leapt away, leaving behind a big bubble
Off to the bears, the frog did scuttle
A very wise pair, and a most loving couple

Wuddle wuddle, Lenny NEEDS a cuddle
the frog from the puddle told the bear couple

Who needs such a thing came the bears’ rebuttal
There are bigger things with which we all struggle
Then the bears began to kiss using their muzzles
The frog knew not to interrupt as they both nuzzled

Wuddle wuddle, how to solve this puzzle
of why Little Lenny needs her big cuddle?

To the beaver I’ll go, thought the frog from the puddle
Beaver’s wiser than the bears, at least by double
The answer to this riddle, he’ll surely decouple
For Little Lenny’s sake, the frog’s effort redoubled

Wuddle wuddle, why does Lenny need a cuddle?
Please tell me, beaver, before her heart starts to buckle

For little ones, the strength of a cuddle
is like mud that holds my dam from falling to rubble
Now go along, frog, catch the next shuttle
before Little Lenny’s cries become raucous and ruckle

Wuddle wuddle, thanks a bundle!
The frog said to the beaver before turning to hustle

On his way back, he ran into a mother quintupled
Mrs. Rabbit, who gave frog one more idea to juggle
Frog, she said, you’re being a thick knuckle
In the matter of cuddles, the answer’s more subtle

Wuddle wuddle, if Little Lenny cries for a cuddle
reach out and hug her with your frog arms so supple

So the frog made haste to give Little Lenny a snuggle
And her sad little cries turned into a chuckle
She found her thumb, and began to suckle
Off to the land of dreams, she was carefully smuggled

Wuddle wuddle, thought the frog returning to the puddle,
sometimes it’s just nice to have a good cuddle

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