About Jay Hodgkins


If you are an editor interested in contracting a freelance writer, a publisher interested in publishing any of the original work provided on this site or just an interested reader, please e-mail me at jodgkins@yahoo.com.


After 10 years of hitting deadlines — whether filling a newspaper column or getting the CEO his latest speech, there is still nothing more I love to do than write. But the daily grind of journalism and speechwriting left me aspiring to dig deeper. Reporting the news and then writing for another person drove the desire to write fiction from the back of my mind to the pit of my stomach. More precisely, fiction that I hope others will want to read.

Even though fiction writing is a grueling labor of love that taxes you to the end of your creative ability and tests the foundations of your self confidence, even though it devours your free time and waking mind only to reward you with a drawer full of rejection letters, it’s a game I’m happy to play. Fiction forces you to steel your resolve and keep sending up smoke signals from your deserted island until the right ship sails by and offers you a ride. This website is one of my smoke signals.

On this site, I provide teasers of unpublished fiction (as well as few short stories from the dusty file cabinet) for the benefit of publishers and interested readers. In addition, I provide samples of past published news writing for the benefit of editors evaluating my potential as a freelance writer.

All linked material provided on this site is the intellectual property of Jay Hodgkins and the content within may not be redistributed or used for commercial purposes without the author’s permission.

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