Monthly Archives: April 2013

Welcome to the new!

As I write this, I’m 31-years-old. Now, 31 doesn’t exactly put me at the vanguard of the Millennials or anything, but – at my age – my old website had no business representing the 1990s better than The Fresh Prince of Belair and The Dave Matthews Band.

The way I see it, a 31-year-old should be just exiting the “in touch” phase of life. That means I have to be current with technology at least through 2008. Yeah, that sounds about right. I was 26, still lived in my college town and was known to occasionally stop by the old frat house, wasn’t married yet, no one could see my bald spot – that’s about the point I became completely incapable of keeping up with pop culture. (Seriously, will someone tell me what Pinterest is? Is that what the kids are smoking these days?)

And so, in the spirit of eternally representing the new online hotness of 2008, I have finally upgraded to a WordPress platform.

In the very near future, I plan on launching a blog here that’ll be two parts teasing my latest fiction or any freelance work I’m doing, one part travel, two parts daily living, three parts what’s on my mind and eight parts whatever the hell I feel like writing.

That’s 16 parts, folks! What a deal!

Aside from the blog, though, you can still find a selection of my existing fully finished fiction work and a sampling of my previously published news articles and corporate reports.